Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Amazing statistics: how much time do you spend on social media or blog?

  • SEO still dominates for marketers, with B2B (57%) and B2C (41%). This makes the biggest impact on their lead generation goals. 
  • 56 % of college students said that they would not accept a job offer or would find ways to evade policy if a company banned access to social media.
  • ONLY 15 % local business fans are in the city where this business is located.
  • 245 million Internet users in USA
  • 80 % of all Internet users reach social media or blogs.
  • 50 % of adults use social-networking sites.
  • More and more adults use MySpace, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Only 29 % IT professionals said that they have a good protection from enterprise social network use.
  • 44 % of companies track employees' social media use.
  • 84 % of young professionals get interrupted by social media at least once while trying to complete a project. 
  • You can have extra 24 min of attention when you're posting not on Twitter but on Facebook.


  1. When I speak to various groups about social media and specifically about blogging, I am regularly asked, “How often should we blog. buy instagram followers review

    1. There is no single rule for that. I think, people should blog as often as they can. For example, if someone don't have a full time job and almost all his time per day he can spend blogging, there is a great probability that his blog will be successful. You need to be devoted to your blog, if you want to achieve the best result :)