Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Mobile phone or toothbrush?

Do you know that more people own a mobile phone than a toothbrush?!

Other interesting facts about social media:

  • The majority of social media users spend their time online because of staying in touch with current friends and family. 
  • A little bit less people use social media for connection with old friends they've lost touch with.
  • 33 % of people prioritize social media freedom over salary in accepting a job offer. 
  • 30 % people would rather text than talk. 
  • 43 % of online consumers use social media.
  • 64 % of Americans stream mobile video at work.
  • 73 % of people think that employees overshare.
  • From all planet, 4.6 billion people have mobile phones and only 4.2 billion have toothbrush. 
  • 37 % purchase using their smartphones. 3 times many as those who use tablet for this.
  • For 90 % of social media users Facebook is the best, then Twitter 77 % and Youtube 42 %. 

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